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I wonder why this person opened a Sports Store? Is he an avid cyclist? a mad soccer player, a dyed in the wool cricketer? Where is his passion?

A friend of mine sold her bike shop when her husband died. The new owner had every opportunity to ride with the various groups, socialize etc. yet didn’t even bother to join a short Saturday morning social ride. She stayed on and helped out for a couple of months and introduced the customers to the new owner. He in turn committed business suicide via his lack of interest.

A few years ago I helped out another friend who owned a bike shop and he took groups of local riders on mountain bike rides, invited them back to the shop for coffee and cake, they got talking about all the new “kit” and spent up big. For a few pleasurable hours a week of “marketing” his business boomed. He was always there to answer a question or give advice. He is a passionate cyclist.

I don’t think a website would have been helpful in either case as a marketing tool but if this Sports Store owner isn’t very successful in person maybe selling online could be a good choice for him.