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Tracey Anne
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Chris Bates, post: 24913 wrote:
I disagree, I think a tradie has the MOST to benefit from an online presence.

“Sure your reputation is important, and word-of-mouth is everything. Where do you think they go to rave about the awesome tradie who even cleaned up after himself? Facebook.”

I think they tell family, their neighbours, workmates, friends etc. I think your argument assumes everyone lives in the suburbs of a capital city, or a very large town where everything has become impersonal.
A fair chunk of Australians in rural areas STILL don’t even have broadband coverage (sorry, the “everyone lives in a capital city/large urban area” mentality is a touchy subject for a lot of people, including me :) )

“Newsageny’s are unique, there is really nothing special about them. They’re not unique, they just sell the generic product.
However, where do you think someone will look up their nearest newsagent when they’re new to the area? Where do you think someone will look up a nearby newsagent when they’re VISITING an area?”

Again – if I’ve just moved to an area, I’ll go for a walk or a drive and look around. If I’m visiting I’ll ask the people I’m staying with or the staff at my hotel.