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Gordon Stewart
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When you look around at the number of people with iPhones and other internet-enabled mobile devices (heck, my 9 year old has a DSi that is internet enabled) then it doesn’t take much to realise that the internet is becoming a BIG part of our lives. This is why many governments around the world are spending millions on National Broadband Plans – it drives economies.

Also consider the time and money Google (and Yahoo!) is putting into their Local Business program. They are not doing this because they like local businesses – they are doing this because they understand that people want to search for services and products in their local area. The search engine that fulfills this need (aka Google) will continue to make millions through selling advertising space.

Never has the small business owner had so much marketing technology and intellect at their disposal! And what’s more, most of it is free. They just need the support and guidance to take advantage of it.

I honestly believe that small business owners generally understand the need for a business web site, and the need for that web site to be properly optimised so that it is findable in the search engines. I just think that there is so much noise out there on the internet that they don’t know where to start. Consequently, in a bid to do something (usually for the price of a slab) they call in theirs mates, mate to test the waters by building them a site.

The clever business owners understand that we are experiencing a revolution in they way we communicate and are calling in the professionals. You and I need to be able to explain what we do, and how we can measure what we do, so that business owners feel confident before they spend their money.

I try to think of where we are in terms of the industrial revolution. How quickly do you think small businesses adopted the Henry Ford production line principles? Particularly when you consider the initial investment required to automate a production line (even though everyone was telling them that it would save them money – and make them more money – in the long run).

We are at the start of the information revolution – you have seen it and understand it. Many haven’t, and many never will.

Anyway, I am getting carried away with myself again!

Great thread.