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Karen Wardle
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I read this thread with interest.

I agreed with Chris, then I also agreed with parts of what was said by Kev, Tracey and also John. So move over Kev cause I guess I might be sharing that fence with you:)

I will throw this into the argument though. When we achieve success in business it is often not via the way that we originally intended. An example that comes to mind is Wrigleys chewing gum. Wrigley had originally manufactured washing powder and gave away chewing gum with every box, as a goodwill gesture to his customers. The chewing gum became more popular then the washing powder so he ditched the laundry powder and launched his full scale chewing gum operation.

Business success often comes from the most obscure places. Sometimes we make decisions about what we think might be unnecessary or, on the other side of the coin, essential for our business, then circumstances present themselves and the business takes an entirely different direction.

The link below shows examples of businesses that at first glance might not benefit from their own website. If you scroll down the page a little you will see a case study menu. It has a break-up of different types of businesses and how those businesses used the internet to explode their earnings and accelerate their success.

some examples of businesses that have used the net to penetrate their market

If after reading that you want to know more you can watch this video tour

I do agree with Dan’s comment that

The oldies who don’t know anything about the net/computers still use Yellow. But one day it will die off.

It will die off. Even Yellow Pages themselves accept this which is why they are now themselves online.

I disagree, I think a tradie has the MOST to benefit from an online presence.

Chris makes a good point. If you want to see an example of how a tradie turned his business around, go to the example page and scroll down until you get to Judd Burdon.

I have posted these examples to help people to think outside the box when it comes to their business website. The majority of people fall into two categories when it comes to their business website. The first lot believe that a website will not benefit them enough to justify the cost. The other group think that they can just set up a site and the money will follow. This is not the case. A website CAN boost your income, your credibility and your opportunities. But is has to be done right!

Ok, I guess it is now time for me to get off that fence!