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Karen Wardle, post: 24973 wrote:
Business success often comes from the most obscure places. Sometimes we make decisions about what we think might be unnecessary or, on the other side of the coin, essential for our business, then circumstances present themselves and the business takes an entirely different direction.

Wrigglies had already developed the gum though. Sports guy doesn’t have anything developed. I agree it’s worth looking at for Sports guy, but it really never is as simple as just tacking on a web presence. (As you elude to below)

My guess is he doesn’t have the capital and as a small business he would have to carefully decide to go that entirely different direction, and for anyone that’s a difficult decision…

Karen Wardle, post: 24973 wrote:
I have posted these examples to help people to think outside the box when it comes to their business website. The majority of people fall into two categories when it comes to their business website. The first lot believe that a website will not benefit them enough to justify the cost. The other group think that they can just set up a site and the money will follow. This is not the case. A website CAN boost your income, your credibility and your opportunities. But is has to be done right!

I agree with this. Eloquently put.

To be fair there are a few types of websites. A basic, informational, yellow pages type site that gets found in Google. I agree that as time goes on the web will replace yellow pages (already has for me, and 80% of people I know) and yes, almost every business needs one of those. I think everyone will agree on that, it’s a no brainer. Having one of these is fairly cheap. ~$1000-2000.

The other type of web site. The done right website. The one sports guy would need if he wanted to really sell stuff. Costs. It costs, and it costs a lot of money. To be done right. It really is more of a ‘web presence’ than a website. It’s much the equivolent of setting up a physical shop front and presence. IMO, It has to be an integral part of the business….this kind of web site is NOT a no brainer and it’s not something that can just be tacked on to your existing business.

In some cases the costs dictate that a web presence is not the way to go as there may be better investments off-line. That may not be the case for sports guy. Only sports guy can figure that out, and he has to do the yards himself in conjunction with other smart people.

Say from the service providers perspective (Chris’). Run away man. If the business owner hasn’t figured this kind of thing out yet, the costs for you to educate them are astronomical.