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Karen Wardle
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Hi John

Wrigglies had already developed the gum though. Sports guy doesn’t have anything developed.

Wriggleys substituted an unpopular product with one that was popular. And it was a complimentary product (the gum) that turned out to be something that people where prepared to pay money for. Something that they had initially been receiving for free.

I agree it’s worth looking at for Sports guy, but it really never is as simple as just tacking on a web presence. (As you elude to below)

I wasn’t trying to elude to anything, I was trying to make the point that sometimes we need to think outside the box, as the people in the examples have done. You’re right in that it isn’t as simple as tacking on a web presence. But sometimes, though lack of knowledge, we make it more complicated than it needs to be.

I think (and from discussions that Chris and I have had, I am sure he agrees) that too many people go into buying or building their website unprepared. They need to invest a little time and/or money in educating themselves before jumping in.