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Hi all,

I believe Robert Gerrish (Flying Solo founder) is a business coach & obviously a small business expert. I have listened to his CD’s we were given at Flying Solo live, and they are very good, as well as the many articles he has written here.

Andrew Griffiths
http://www.andrewgriffiths.com.au/ also spoke at Flying Solo live and has written numerous books – he has a business coaching plan that he offers via skype. I am reading thru his books at the moment, and formalising lots of great ideas and tips he shares.

I am based in Brisbane, and am planning on offering Business Development sessions this year. Amongst other things I am a chartered accountant/MYOB consultant, and contributing writer for Flying Solo. I never set out to offer “Business Coasching or Business Development” assistance. But what has happened is a lot of my clients have asked it of me, and numerous people have approached me about it, so I have decided to test the water, and offer Biz development sessions.

I am not in the same class as Andrew Griffiths or Robert Gerrish, but if you do want to talk business, than I am available.

I am based in Brisbane, and I can offer sessions via SKYPE (with video~ which is awesome).

Please feel free to have a look at my website http://www.aniseconsulting.com or contact me directly “07 3843 6040”

Have an awesome day!!