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JulieA, post: 24849 wrote:
So, if there’s anyone here who’d like to “build a better mousetrap” shopping cart……let me know*grins*

Being a software developer (and an Open Source enthusiast) I would recommend NOT trying to build another shopping cart. Find an Open Source one that is the best fit to your requirements and then help the developers make it better.

Unless you are a rock star developer with rock star marketing and selling skills (I mean totally awesome – not just great) you won’t make a dent in the shopping cart market. There are far to many competitors (commercial and open source) that have huge market shares and user bases already.

It would be like someone trying to compete with Oracle with a database product or Microsoft with a word processor.

Now if you have something “different” to all of the competitors (not just better) you may have a 1% chance of breaking into the field ;)