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Chris Bates, post: 24875 wrote:
I do see potential in making a system that ties in with other SaaS products, like Xero. Maybe even make a POS front end that can be used offline in a physical shop too.

Hi Chris,

Nice idea … but it is still something that would take lots of work, knowledge and dedication to complete.
I do believe if you’re currently in a related business area a shopping cart modification would be a great skill to have and be able to sell.

bradzo, post: 24877 wrote:
Oh I didn’t mean build it from scratch!

Embrace and extend, embrace and extend….. :)

OK, step 1 – choose which OS shopping cart to extend ;)

My guess is that it would take months for everyone involved to agree on step 1!

A little tip for open source projects
“Open Source projects are almost always started and developed by 1 person to a point that it is usable before a community starts to build”.

Note: Unless it was a commercial product that is later open sourced.

So, I give any open source project a 0.00001% chance of success that starts in a forum with a comment like “Hey lets get together a build xyz“.

I’d love to be proven wrong – and I’m always on the lookout for good software development projects ;)