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I think its just that html templates are easier to code, but as Julie has probably found out, not the best way to go

Yep, template changes on some of the carts I’ve tried, are a nightmare.

So, I give any open source project a 0.00001% chance of success that starts in a forum with a comment like “Hey lets get together a build xyz”.

Yep, that’s about right I reckon too LOL

I would be interested in seeing what you want your shopping cart to do?
(or do BETTER that the options available currently)

For me, and for many others, judging by the posts in forums, Postage/Shipping set up/methods is a big hair-pulling-want-to-throttle-someone process ( for me, THAT is the main atrocious point for Prestashop lol). “Attributes” is also another thorny one that Presta doesn’t handle well- for me it’s just a minor PITA, but for a lot of Presta Forum folk it’s a huge obstacle, that has seen no solution.

The biggest “problem” with any cart is actually what I’ve dubbed the “culture shock syndrome”, wherein the people who have created the cart THINK differently to many of the people who use the cart. What seems logical to one, is illogical to another.

I also think that many carts fall prey to the “2 men and a donkey” syndrome, which produces very bloated carts…but that syndrome is basically caused by the ” I live in/sell/use X”, so why doesn’t this cart have these specs???”, and THAT, folks, is purely Human Nature! *smiles wryly*…and for that there IS no solution.

Thanks to everyone who “jumped in with both feet” here *grins*..in my head I know the whole idea has merit in theory, but in practice wouldn’t work…but my heart still fantasises about that holy grail…maybe when I win the lotto I can fulfill it*winks*

One OS cart I am keeping a close eye on is OpenCart….it’s still very young, and the version updates are coming thick and fast- but the extensions side hasn’t kept up…things like templates won’t work from 1 version to the other, which makes it next to useless to me. ( I doubt my Stall owners would be happy having the same template as everyone else, even though I could make colour/graphic changes LOL) If/when OpenCart matures, it should come close to MY holy grail.

*Wanders back to Prestashop Forum to see if there’s an update for the login module so it will work with the latest Presta version.*