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Fred Smith
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ray_223: Yeah you’re probably right that there is a snowballs chance in hell to break through the crowded shopping cart market – but that hasn’t stopped me from trying hehehe :)

It is possible to break through though. The Shopify guys seem to be doing very well for a new entrant into the market and they don’t even allow trial signups without a credit card – which I thought would be a deal breaker for most.

I started out by building a simple site builder to solve some of my dad’s issues with updating his site and two years later I’ve ended up with an ecommerce product with built in catalogue designer which I called wizifi.

It’s strange but building a better cart has kind of become an obsession for me.

Julie: Looks like you’ve got loads of experience with different carts. I’d love it if you could have a look at ours and let us know how we can further improve our cart – would be great to get your feedback!

Please don’t take this as me trying to sell or push my product – I’d just really appreciate some feedback about how we could make shop owner’s lives even easier.

Cheers for having a look if you have a minute.

The site is