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Ken Wood
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We settled on Magento early last year, because it was a promising up-and-comer that looked like it was going to be the hottest of the open source shopping carts. So far that seems to be accurate.

We are a relatively serious user with programmers in house, so our selection criteria was weighted heavily in favour of advanced functionality, if necessary at the expense of ease of use. So our choice will not suit everyone.

Our techs tell me that the only significant limitation they see with the free version of Magento is that it tops out at about 1,000 products – beyond that point performance takes a dive.

We’ve now integrated Magento with:

* an Australia Post shipping module
* merchant interfaces for most of the local banks (I have never understood the point of using Eway, perhaps someone can explain it to me sometime?)
* SugarCRM, and through that to
* MYOB, including inventory management with a stock assembly process

What is it specifically that you want your ideal shopping cart to do?