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Julie: Looks like you’ve got loads of experience with different carts. I’d love it if you could have a look at ours and let us know how we can further improve our cart – would be great to get your feedback!

Hi Eli, I believe I’ve visited your site before, but as it’s not an “installable” script ( which I can fully mess about with lol), I hadn’t looked any deeper. I have downloaded the trial, and will try it out and make notes of anything I think might help.

What is it specifically that you want your ideal shopping cart to do?


I actually have 2 different “needs” for a cart, though there is some overlap.

1. For me, personally ( as in my body jewellery online shop), I want:
* a logical shipping set up- based on AusPost, and a way to have the shipping cost be determined by either weight or total price…and for a customer to be able to choose products with the weight postage cost, and products with a price postage cost( all of this NOT displayed in the shop)…and for the cart to be able to do a final postage as the calculated result of the 2.

* a way to add 2 or more attributes to a product that doesn’t generate humungous numbers of “products” to deal with them ( as is the case currently with Prestashop). Many body jewellery items have 2 or more attributes( gauge/length/diameter/material/colour/ends etc.), and this means I have to add a lot more Categories to deal with this.

* full integration with the Joomla side of the shop. While not as high on my wishlist, it would be great to have this…to have only one login for me, and for customers, to be able to change the Joomla template and not have to fork out money for another custom Presta template( and when Presta is updated to not have to pay again for my custom template to be updated!)

2. One of my other main sites is the Simple Living Flea Market, which was created for the benefit of others, not for my profit. Currently I use a very simple cart for the free and up to 9 Category stalls, and the option to use Presta for more cats than that.

The simple cart is VERY basic, but is very easy for people to run and to learn.

I would love to replace the Presta one though because it is NOT that easy/intuitive to fully setup. Currently I do the whole setup/config of each stall, and just teach people how to add their categories/products/photos etc.

Ideally, for SLFM, I need something akin to iBoutiqueMall, and had it had a much better way of dealing with attributes, I would have saved up and bought it ( even though I would have to have a LOT of people want to “buy a stall” to even recover its cost- I believe deeply in SLFM, and would have gladly worn that cost though)

It’s not easy to try and explain exactly what I really want…I think I’d have to sit down with someone, in front of my PC, and go through each of the carts I have on my “shortlist”, and show what I mean.

*wanders off to check the Lotto numbers*