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Rachel Reeves
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A few things that I thought of when I read about your niche area that might help…

Being a Mum myself, I always went off of recommendation from a friend or my doctor/obstetrician before trundling off to the bookstore to buy a book about pregnancy or baby development. I wouldn’t likely even enter a hospital until the third trimester, unless there was a problem in the earlier stages of my pregnancy, yeah okay… maybe once if I was checking out the hospital… but my mind would be elsewhere most likely.

Although you are in a really good location, I hate to say it, but your target market won’t always necessarily be walking by at that exact time that there is a real need for the information.

About fertility, this topic can be a very private one and it’s very possible that you won’t capture this market ‘walking by’. This market, I think would be more likely to shop through a website, or would come in following a fertility doctors or friends referral to a particular book.

If you market through the hospital I think you might capture only a small part of your audience. I’m thinking you would probably capture those looking for physio exercises that are good to do later in the pregnancy and when the child is born. You might also capture those looking for specialty books about problems that might occur in pregnancy or when the child is born. Reference books about newly born children, including specialty books, eg. premature babies, diet etc.

To really capture your niche audience I would be looking to market direct to the source, which is to fertility doctors, obstetricians, physios and xray places where they offer ultrasounds – and of course the patients of these.

You might like to go in there in person, ask whether you could help them by displaying some of their brochures / business cards in your shop – and ask them whether, in return they might be able to put a pile of your brochures in their waiting area which are relevant and useful to their patients. Oh, and if you go out of your way to make an impression on the doctors and specialists, then they will more likely remember you, maybe have a look in your shop and hopefully help you well into the future by making referrals to your shop.

Hope this helps some.