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Karen Wardle
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Hi Incubator

Firstly you have come to the right place. As Kevin said, there are plenty of people here who will be able to help you. Second………………breathe.

You have realised that it might not be as easy as you first thought. But you have done what so many others don’t, you have acknowledged your mistake and are making plans to correct it. Many don’t get that far. They blame everyone and everything else and then they become another small business statistic.

If I were you I would read through Rachelr’s response, and then I would read it again. She has given you some fantastic tips!

Also I think that you should narrow down your niche.

I own a bookstore which specialises in fertility, pregnancy, birth and parenting as well as children’s self help (grief and loss, bullying, new siblings etc).

My market is women in general, parents and parent-to-be, and local families with children in local schools and daycare.

Personally, I think that your target market is too wide. I would be inclined to narrow it somewhat. You say that your market is women in general. I would disagree. Using myself as an example, I am female and a parent but I am not interested in fertility, pregnancy or books about birth.

The passing-by market are: women going to the hospital for appointments (steady stream), parents with young children, nurses, university students, patients of the children’s hospital and their families.

My daughter spent some time in Westmead a few years ago and to be honest looking at books was the last thing on my mind while she was in there. And I am an avid reader. That is just me though and I am not suggesting that everyone else feels the same. They don’t. But I don’t think that your market is woman in general. Your market is particular women with certain needs. To succeed you need to identify these women (your audience), and then work out the best way to capture that audience.

I agree wholeheartedly with Rachelr

To really capture your niche audience I would be looking to market direct to the source,

I would suggest that you read some articles on niche marketing and on target marketing.

Narrow your niche down. Decide who your customer is and then work out how to reach them. Don’t generalise, be specific.

Think about investing in a website but make sure that you know how to generate traffic. Don’t think that if you build it they will come. This will only happen if you build it right.

If you want a better understanding of , what is marketing or would like some marketing tips, I have some info on my website that may interest you.

Good luck