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Like rachelr, I went to the hospital in only my 3rd trimester (for my last 2), often with only 8 weeks or less to go. i believe that alot more women these days are either interested in alternative types of birthing (hypno, calmbirthing etc) or doing it the old tell-me-to-push on the hospital bed.. (a small amount do avoid any books, knowledge from peers or magazines as a “ignorance is bliss” method.)
Is it easy to get in and around your shop with a pram? Weve upgraded to a double pram and its a beast to get into small shops and now i just avoid them until im out shopping on my own.

definitely get a online shop up and running, see about running adds on online support forums. Thru my pregnancies i googled just about anything i was worried about…

It might be worth having some non-latex (some hospitals have non-latex policies due to allergies) balloons outside with the usual “get well”, “boy”, etc… and other visiting presents as ive found the hospital gift shop is not always open or just full of boring knitted things displayed horribly like its a garage sale or something!

When i worked in a doctor surgery many years ago, occasionally shops would “donate” (they’d come in ask if they could leave a book with us, it’d wait till it got the approval from the head doctor and then went into the waiting room) small hard cover books for the waiting room, inside would be a piece of paper glued saying where it came from and a sticker on the outside… dont know if its option, lol! As some magazines used to just walk out the door!

an option could be with preschools/kinders are always happy to let you sell books. (providing them have some demos and product list) Also preschools/kinders and some public schools have spots in their weekly newsletter for adds.

You have a business plan? a business without a plan is like a ship without a sail! Still doing ours and its proving to be harder than the business we plan to do! But will be worth it if we get it right ;)