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Karen Wardle
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Hi Micky

Yes it is possible to get commission only sales staff. But if you want someone good you are going to have to entice them.

What will they be selling?

For example, my partner works as a commission only salesman. He has been in sales for over 25 years. He has sold a variety of products. He has been paid in a variety of ways which include, salary plus commission plus car allowance or company car.

The job that he has had for the past year has been commission only. When he started he was offered a wage based on $’s per appointment he attended plus a fuel allowance OR he could take the commission only option, which meant he would receive a commission for each sale made at the appointment. He chose the commission only option. He chose to do so because the rate that he receives per sale is a lot higher on commission only.

He is good at what he does and it works well for him. It isn’t for everybody though. A good salesperson would want to know what you are going to be offering them. They would want to know what your commission structure is as well as any bonuses that apply for reaching their targets.

I would go to seek.com and do a search for sales staff. Have a look at the criteria and the pay that they are offering. That might give you a ball park figure but it really does depend on many variables.

Good luck.