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I can recommend Lucinda Lions from Lion Writing http://www.naturalkitchenstrategies.com.au – she is a regular contributor to this site also.


themindcoach, post: 25037 wrote:

My business partner and I are opening a coaching and wellness centre in Coffs Harbour and are looking for someone to write some advertising and marketing copy for us.

We are both great writers, but unfortunately we write from the heart and not the marketing head, which doesn’t get customers. Our worry is that if we get a professional writer to do work for us, that we will end up with hype that builds fear in people and that’s not what we’re about, but is that the only way we’ll get people to pick up the phone…..? It’s all very well being ethical and honest (which we are) and wanting our advertising to reflect that, but what we do is a service, not a product. What we do is about how people feel about their lives and that’s not something you can easily explain. Many people are fearful of change and growth, but I know from personal experience that it doesn’t have to be painful and scary and it’s well worth doing because I’m now following my purpose and my passion! Our business includes life and wellbeing coaching, BodyTalk, Meridian Tapping Techniques, hypnotherapy, meditation and more.

We’re looking for someone who can understand our values, our services, our integrity and whose writing can reflect that.

Can anyone recommend a copywriter that may be able to help us get clients picking up the phone????

Thanks for taking the time to read and reply!!!
Sharon Chisholm
The Mind and Body Institute