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Hi Jake

I think its great that Twitter has worked out so well for you in such a short period of time – I am sure everyone on the Forum would love to know how you did it?

Regarding being confused, I don’t use Twitter for personal use – not keen on that. I am all about using Social Media for promoting what you know about your field or what you can share that is of relevance to your followers.

I suppose my idea of following people isn’t to get my “name out there” but rather to receive relevant information from the people I follow.

Alot of people use Auto Follow where they automatically follow those that follow them. This article 5 Reasons Why Twitter Auto-Follow Is Bad Marketing explains very well why auto follow isn’t really a good idea for business.

Another good point is the Follow vs Follower ratio. If you are following more people than are following you, this can be interpreted that your “Tweets” aren’t that inviting and not everyone you follow is interested in following you. This article explains it well.

I would hope also, that people that follow me want to read what I have to say and aren’t just using it to promote their brand. If we all did that to each other that then the effectiveness and purpose of Twitter would die off over time.

Again, congrats on the number of followers and the success it has given your busines.

Amanda :)

Emroy, post: 25131 wrote:
I think your confusing what you would prefer personally as opposed to what you would prefer for a business.

Your aim in business is to get your name out to as many people as you possible can, would you shut your doors to 90% of your clients because you want just keep the 10% that are quality?

You may, but I don’t. Every client I obtain is of immense value to me, I’ve been using twitter for less than two works and have 4 order from it and through Twitter can open myself up to so many new people.