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Well it sounds like your method has worked out very well for you and that is all one can ask for in the world of marketing i.e. a successful marketing campaign.

Twitter is a great tool for me to share my knowledge and also to learn about a range of other topics in relation to business.

I have an integrated approach in my online marketing so everything works together for a stronger brand message.

I am always learning though and so keen to listen to case studies of other businesses and things they have done to succeed.

Thanks :)

Emroy, post: 25145 wrote:
Basically Twitter has trending topics, such as #business #marketing #printing #management etc etc … There is software out there that assists you in following these trends and finding relvant people to follow (If anyone is interested in knowing what I use, PM or email me)

I’m a massive fan of informative blog posts, I really am. But I’m also a fan of trying new things out and experimenting. I experimented with this (I don’t know if you remember the other topic we had here on twitter about a fortnight ago … I mentioned that I should give it a go to see how it’s working). I’m very, very glad I didn’t read that blog post before I tried things out myself, because my system is working fantastically and I’m glad that I didn’t get deterred in any way.

Anyway, enough about me.

Perhaps you can give us an insight on how your method is going? Do you get much traffic from Twitter? Make many sales?