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Lilychung, post: 25084 wrote:
I want Network Activity Monitoring Software so that I can see the desktop of employee’s working . Kill / Stop their internet sessions, as most of the employee’s surf porn sites and download movies (Even the Lady Employees)
I am using a imonitor Trial version. The software is good but I need much more and try the best one? Any suggestion? :-

I would give them a formal warning on a three strike basis to start with. That should get them into line. In fact If I found staff surfing those kind of sites I don’t think I would want them representing my business at all.

I would also setup a filter that blocks such sites. Internet Explorer has a feature called Content Advisor > that should help somewhat.

Logging websites your staff visits seems fine to me, but actively viewing where they surf is just creepy.

Don’t wait for things to get out of hand. (sexual harassment etc.)