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When it comes to Copywrite and Trade Marks – I highly recommend Rebecca Stalenberg from http://www.markyourterritory.com.au

Amanda :)

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I am interested in knowing if you can create powerpoint slides for delivery of courses and presentations from official study guides such as computer certification guides, or other books from differing industries, etc.

I am also interested in knowing if these slides can then be printed, binded and handed out to students as reference material. I would assume that if this is legal, the slides (and the course book printed from them) would need to reference the source of the content but still not sure if this is legal or if it breaches copyright.

Does providing the original guide/book as an additional resource to the audience help legally (i.e. if the original source is provided as well as the printed material that references the original book then the intent is NOT to compete with the book and it’s sales but rather, to assist students with slides and handouts that are more suitable to learning and capturing information during the presentation), or is provision of the book not necessary?

Hope someone can point me in the right direction on this.