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Ken Wood
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I don’t understand what you mean about “sites that list your program”. Our affiliate software is available as part of our hosted CRM solution.

One extra thought on affiliate marketing…

There are 2 main ways you can go with regards to assigning the affiliate: assign the affiliate to the sale, or assign the affiliate to the lead.

In the first case, the model is: affiliate sends someone to your website, person makes a purchase through the shopping cart, affiliate is tagged onto the transaction and commission is paid. So the affiliate is paid only if the person makes a purchase within a short window of time from being sent to your website.

The second model is this: affiliate sends someone to your website, you capture their details (e.g. through a squeeze page offering an ebook, free trial, free sample or some other offer that’s appealing enough for them to hand over their email address). The person goes on your database/email list and the affiliate is tagged onto their lead record. Then you market to your list over a period of time, at some point in the future the person makes a purchase and the affiliate is paid their commission.

It should be no surprise that I prefer the second model, for a number of reasons but particularly because it takes the pressure off both you and the affiliate to generate a sale from the lead immediately. Instead your affiliates have an incentive to put people onto your database, and you can focus on setting up a sales development process that produces the maximum conversion rate.

The other nice thing about the second model is that it can also support offline purchases: once someone is on your database, it doesn’t matter whether they buy through your shopping cart, over the phone or by walking into a store. In each case your database logs the referring affiliate and you can pay them commission on the sale.

I hope this is interesting to at least some forum members.