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I think what you’re saying about low traffic, conversion rates and payout rates make perfect sense.

I went to an internet marketing conference in June and found that the affiliate advertising agencies were particularly interested in She Inspires because of the numbers I have now – about 7000 visitors, 4800 newsletter subscribers and 1100 Facebook likers – so I’ve started with setting up accounts etc. Now I’m starting to wonder what would be good $ to be earning from a wise use of affiliate advertising (as She Inspires being the publisher)?

The aim has always been to build it up to have numbers that are valuable for small business advertisers. That’s been working and I have happy advertisers – mainly competitions with a constant promotion of the prize and hence business for 6 weeks, entrants, ever green backlink from winners page and preferred keywords and that’s designed for small business owners by a small business owner.

For me the trick at the moment is keeping a healthy balance between content and ads – I don’t want a clutter site fully of animated and annoying ads. But I do want to seize the day, as such, with the different advertising models.

Hence to exploration of the affiliate forum and discussions here. It’s all step by step!