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Don’t worry to much about robot files and RDFa etc. They are not really much “use to you”

Mathewkeath, isn’t this saying that they are useless to the poster??

Agreed, people go into business to do what they love. Not to sit at a computer and spend hours developing their website. That’s why people pay professionals.

Did you even read the question?

Guys, the original poster ask the question of how to get more visitors to his website. So he is asking how to make his website better. Unless he has an endless supply of cash to burn with adwords, he needs to get serious about the SEO of his website otherwise he does not stand a chance with google and his competition.

It doesn’t rank for any keywords, it has a pr0 and basically no traffic. If no one wants to listen to what I have to say, then that is fine. But I can tell you from experience that unless these techniques are applied, don’t expect to get any natural traffic.

Check out my Alexa ranking and the traffic to my site and tell me I am wrong.