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businesstrader, post: 27120 wrote:

When you block an url in a robots.txt file and then link to this url from your homepage for example (or external links), it will still accumulate a small percentage of pr, however the remaining pr is pushed through the page and to the more important ‘followed’ links.

This should clearly answer all the sceptics about robots.txt and page rank.


Webnauts is one of the top SEO’s in the world today, if not the best!

I hope this helps.



Read that article again more carefully and while you are at it also bear in mind it was written in May of last year, before the world had copped on to PR not being ‘sculptable’!

You cannot sculpt PR with the robots file any more than you can with noFollow, its simply not possible for reasons one of which the writer actually states, the page may have links from other pages!

Removing the ability for a page on your site to get some PR does not give the other pages more PR no matter what way you try to remove that ability!

Now don’t get me started on the dangling links thing it’s suffice to read carefully what the snippet from Mssrs Page and Brin actually says.

Once again it is worth re-stating that PR has nothing to do with your rankings in the search engine results. A PR 0 can easily outrank a PR 5 as they so often do. Even Google is trying to get webmasters to stop thinking about PR!

A lot of what you have said in this thread is the kind of stuff that shonky SEO’s try to bamboozle poor innocents with, the old ‘blind them with science’ sales approach. I do hope someone has not done it to you.

Again I’m glad you have had such great ranking success, I wish you quadruple the amount for the future but there is no point believeing it was all from PR sculpting or bot herding, it wasn’t.

To quote the SEO gurus – correlation doesn’t always equal causation!

BTW – I enjoyed doing some research on the RDFa stuff you heads-upped earlier though for 99% of the readership here it will have little effect any time soon and I still don’t see it as a ranking factor any more than meta description – next to zero!