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Yes I did notice the high views on this thread….cool!

Far enough. Everyone has there own opinions, but I only made suggestions to the OP based on my own successful experiences (and experiments) with Bot Herding. In fact, without any link building to a site, I have increased from a pr3 toa pr4 with bot herding and I still feel the OP would benefit with a robots.txt file.

After taking another look at the site, the OP definitely needs to concentrate on the basics first. Like the meta title for example. This is way to long . He needs to do a keyword analysis and determine exactly what terms he wants to target and then come up with a catchy meta title. Same applies for the other meta tags.

The home page also links to itself 3 times using the /index.php version. Once the on page issue have been fine tuned, I agree that he should then concentrate on article submissions and a few press releases wouldn’t hurt either targeting local search terms. Like Aiden said, you would have more conversion from targeted local search terms compared to the broader, more generic terms.