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Hi – I would love to say yes it is, but no there are lots of options. Probably the biggest “dividing line” is between a package you install on your PC or server (MYOB, Quickbooks, etc) or an online solution (such as Xero, Saasu & others). But don’t start with any preconceived ideas, rather you should think about what features you need.

For example do you need payroll? Or inventory? Do you need single user or multi user? Do you need an application that you just access in your office, or do you need some “mobile accounting” options (eg being able to enter orders or invoices, or check inventory levels via your IPhone)? Will you do all the data entry yourself, or will you use a bookkeeper?

All of these are factors to consider when deciding which is the “best” solution for you – and whilst I certainly favour some solutions over others if anyone ever tells you there is “one best solution” be very suspicious – it’s about matching the features of the solution to your requirements, balancing other factors such as price (of course), ease of use, how easy is it to get support, is your accountant familiar with the software, etc.

Good luck – and if you do want to investigate the options feel free to contact me, and I am sure many of the other software dealers on this site would also be delighted to help you,

Cheers, Rhys