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Every business has few clients [ sometimes even only one for the first few weeks or months] and this is not a huge worry regarding contractor/employee status.

Having worked directly in this field [ Industrial Relations ] there are a number of indicators used to assess your employee/soletrader status for legal obligations.

  • The number of clients you have
  • The number of hours you work for them
  • If they give you a payslip
  • Do they make you wear a uniform
  • Do they tell you when to start and finish work
  • Do they supply the equipment or do you have to
  • Can you subcontract the work out to someone, without needing their permission
  • Do you have your own insurances

As you can see, they look at a number of ‘control issues’ to see if you are really an employee. In my experience, most contractors working for a single company are deemed to be employees unless they can directly prove they run a business: Insurance certificates, registered names, BAS statements, Advertising for other customers, compliance with OH&S regulations.

Hope this gives you an idea what to look at in your contract with your one client.