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IMO, Stick to what you know, if you know PC’s, use them, if you know Mac’s, use them. The cost to relearn and muck around with software compatabilities far outweighs any productivity gain you might get.

I’m also of the opinion that if you plan to grow…stick to PC’s…you’ll have to retrain all your staff and that’s rather expensive….I’d say this is why you don’t see any organisations using Mac only across the board.

My personal choice (which is entirely irrelevant) is the PC camp because all my software runs on PC, I know how to fix it, and I know how not to break it….plus any apple software I’ve ever tried (itunes) has made me want to kill myself……Also mac’s only have one button…PC’s have two….that means twice the efficiency :P

Besides all that, things change, while it doesn’t appear to be the case any time in the near future, Microsoft may one day wake up from their “Everyone uses Microsoft” slumber…so just stick to what you know until you are forced to change :)