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Chris Bates
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Mat, post: 26477 wrote:
Oh and anyone sitting there going “my Mac doesnt blue screen error” then you are correct. But enjoy that beachball spinning around while your system crashes.

Ahahaha – I can honestly say in the 3 years I’ve been using my MacBook Pro, I’ve only ever crashed 2-3 times. They weren’t so much an issue of OS though, I just pushed the laptop well and beyond it’s hardware limitations, haha.

The phrase “It just works” doesn’t really relate just to the stability and safety of OS X though. I will be happy to say W7 has come a long way in terms of stability and safety. It is as you say, malicious people target the popular system, THAT is why OS X is perceived as safe, people don’t often attack it.

I think this will change though, they’re becoming more popular and many users have a false sense of security now.

“It just works” means more to me the ease of use. Again, it’s a personal thing. I find OS X 100x easier. You may find W7 100x easier, it’s your call.