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Thank you all for the advice. What you are saying echo’s what I am feeling I should do.


I don’t think I need a partner any more, I knew I didn’t, I just wanted to include my best mate in something that I thought would at least pay for our hobby and maybe one day become a career.

Problem is that I know I put in more work and am prepared to do more than he is. If he saw this thread he would say a million reasons why I was wrong and why I am a needy b*tch and that I just constantly hassle him about the website. I don’t feel that he will ever just agree with what I am saying and step away.
I am living and breathing this thing, he isn’t but I don’t know how to tackle this and still salvage the friendship.
I feel that if I walked away from the partnership and gave him what I had already done up until this point would be unfair on me but I don’t think he’d take it anywhere himself if I did.
I have thought of just saying I will not do this and starting something up under a different name but it just doesn’t seem that I should have to do this. I know him well and by him walking away it would be like saying he lost or he was wrong and they are two things he never admits to.
I am very torn and lost with this all.
At the moment, I have just kept the ball rolling forward and are doing things without discussion. My thoughts are at the moment is to just leave him be and see what he does on his own without me hassling him. If he hasn’t done anything within 4 weeks I am going to register the business name under my sole-tradership’s ABN and remove his admin privileges from the site.
Do you guys think that is an appropriate course of action? If he does nothing when I don’t hassle him surely that spells out a very clear message?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings and offering advice. I won’t be leaving this forum in a hurry that’s for sure.