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Well I think you’ve done really well – go and look at what Andy has done with the videoboss stuff, and I’m sure you’ll agree – you’re on the right path!

(And he shows how to script it etc in a really simple manner)

I’m sure you could build a business on that – keep going – but check out what Andy says – get the features of the product you’re offering and turn them into features, and grab the audience by their emotions…. for the BillsTrust, for me, you’ve done that well.

Grab my bill, stick a QR Code on it, send it to BillsTrust, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. “Peace of mind” that my bill will be paid on time.

Go you good thing!

(Oops, I’ve used that line once already tonight, but the sentiment stays the same – good luck! I think you’re onto a winner)