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Chris Bates
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Yes it certainly is, the Internet was birth to many great things!

The reason for asking, is I would just like to get more of an insiders view of the success and failures of the Internet. I think it would help me better relate to customers.

A response like Burgo’s is really the most common I find. I spoke to a tiler the other day who said 98% of his work comes from his website!

I also don’t get a lot of people when they say “I don’t want more work”. Sure there’s certain situations, like Burgo in semi-retirement. But to meet a mid 30’s business owner, who works his ass off, and tells me he “doesn’t want more work” – I think to myself “why bother running a business, work for someone else and save the effort”.

We are in business to GROW. We are in business to MAKE MONEY. We are in business to MAKE OUR OWN RULES. How long do you want to slave day in and day out, 60+ hour weeks, just for the “freedom” of owning your own business.

OK – That got off topic… Others? How has the Internet changed your business (for better or worse)?