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I had better say straight away I do not mean in any way to try to change your business philosophy. I would say exactly the same thing about my sort of work. And if what I said gave the wrong impression I do apologise – it was my rant and mine only and about my own situation, only.

I guess I am beast of a different colour though to the one you are painting. I would consider myself technically capable, but I did at ONE point decide I would rather not try to do web design myself. However, and this is really where the story starts, after 2 years of getting very little anywhere and not being able to get across the concept in my mind (and after much soul searching! deciding it really was not me that was the problem) to the people I was trying to work with (who assured me they knew what was needed) I decided I was better off doing it myself.

The reality is that I did loose a huge amount on the process. My approach now is to do what I CAN do (aka according to my present skills) and look for people who I can trust to do the parts I can’t do. I also have in mind future development of my business which will require good skills and careful thinking.

So, all this to say that I am probably the exception. You ask how the Internet has changed my business? It has forced me to learn much wider skills than I thought I wanted to, it has forced me to open my eyes to the opportunity and possibilities IF I am willing to be open to it all and jump in with both feet.

Not bad hey for a 59 year old oldie who should be thinking about retirement. I intend to be around in this business for a long time yet!