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Chris Bates
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Hey Paul,

No need to apologise! I didn’t take offence or anything, I actually thank you for your input! I rant a lot too, haha, like all my posts in this thread.

King: I think that’s a bit of a grey area if you ask me. I’ve seen some DIY websites that completely put me off of doing business with them. Not because I’m a biased web developer, but because the image they give me is of a business I don’t want to deal with.

I do agree, to a point, that a business owner should have knowledge of their web presence and how it helps. I think this is very important, which is why I explain (in non-geek ways) to my clients every part of what I do. To blindly put your faith and a lot of money in someone elses hands is silly, you NEED to understand it to be sure of it.

A web presence is important, I’m sure that we all agree on. There are many reasons why people DIY – whether they have in interest (like Paul), or the time (outside of hours, or a startup), or they literally don’t have the money. People will always DIY, like people will always attempt to build their own pagoala. Or they’ll service their own cars.

I know I can’t change human nature – to attempt things yourself – but I will always rant about it I’m sure. All of this is really to understand how people think, so I do really welcome all of these opinions.

Paul: You’ve done well for a 59 yo! If there were more great minds like yours and Burgos, it would be a very interesting world! :D