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Okay, so to update you all on the wherewithall..

I have run a Facebook campaign which worked MUCH better than the adwords one. It was far from perfect, as I paid average $1.12 per click, but I was getting lots of click throughs whereas google adwords was only getting me 8 per day (I’m also unskilled so that doesn’t help). Also LOADS more impressions. Unfortunately I ended up pausing it after 3 days because for 100 click throughs, i only had 1 conversion so evidently my jump to page http://www.schoolofattraction.com.au/events.html was not doing the trick. I then changed the click to page to a facebook event page for a further 3 days but only got one extra subscription that way as well. So not a big victory there BUT I’ve overcome one hurdle which is where to spend my CPC money = facebook.

I have joined up with aweber.com to maintain my slowly growing mainling list and also so i can use the forms directly on my website and get those forms up onto my first page to capture customer details. As a reward for details I will be putting together a free e-book. In the interim the ‘personality test’ will be the reward as it is very extensive and the result of a lot of hard work.

I have an SEO company now fixing up keyword usage on my website as well as page titles and metatags.

I am now sourcing a 1300 or 1800 number to my work mobile phone so that I can get a more professional phone number up on the front page of my website. (it makes me appear larger and more established). My question right now, however, is should I get a 1300 or a 1800? I know the differences from a technical standpoint,but what about customer perception? In this day and age I don’t think any customers (mine are all under 50) will think twice about dialling one or the other, but does 1800 look better? the costing difference is almost negligible.

Any thoughts?