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Hi DjDante,

Thanks for sharing the facebook figures.

If your google click through rate (CTR) is low then you’re probably not targeting the best keywords for your products. In saying that, for some of my keywords I have double digit click through rates but in others it can be impossible to get it to that level.

What I really care about is my return on investment. I know exactly what each conversion has cost me. In some of my campaigns I know that for every $1 I spend I will earn $10+ in gross fees for my business. Be sure to install google analytics and conversion tracking to keep track of this, as well as keeping your internal records. (By the way for any other forum members reading this Google is currently offering a $75 credit towards Google Adwords which you can access through our site by clicking here)

Facebook has a large user base of Gen Y and younger, and this demographic has a habit of clicking on just about anything – the problem is they are not ‘considered’ clicks, they jump around and if they don’t like what they see immediately they will ‘bounce’ back off your site. So it might not just be your landing page that is the issue. Google analytics will help you determine if this is happening (you don’t need to be using adwords – and it’s called your ‘bounce rate’). You might find that you can get plenty of clicks through this medium but the quality may not be there and you may end up spending more without a lot of return on your money. Facebook also does not offer a great deal of customisation of how and where your ads show which I think is it’s biggest negative.

My personal opinion between phone number prefixes is that it won’t make a lot of difference. For some reason I prefer 1300 though.