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dingdong, post: 26605 wrote:
$8000 for 20ft container???

My brother in law has been into it pretty much for a while now and he pays only $2000 all up for his Im pretty sure. He organises it from the asian end and pays a little asian guy a cut (which equates to hardly anything) nad he organises everything, the packing supply and shipping. All you pay is the tarriffs.

Consignment…hmmm….tooo complcated – i want ot own the product – much simpler.


Mine would be shipping from the states, I had quotes from multiple freight forwarding companies door – door shipping and they are all similar.
$1500 – $1900 usd to go from pick up address to port 70 mile by road.
$2400 – $2700 usd Ocean freight
$500 – $650 AUD BAF fuel surcharge
$400 – $500 AUD Local charges at Sydney
$270 AUD import clearance per container (excludes duty)
$2000 – $ 2300 + 10% AUD fuel surcharge to go from port to location 550klm
Then add
Insurance +
5% duty+
10%GST on the lot

I fail to see how your brother in law can get it done for so cheap. Can you find out what shipping company and trucking company he uses.