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Chris Bates, post: 26939 wrote:
Actually Ray, the one posters wouldn’t care. In most cases, it’s unlikely they’re associated with the business they’re promoting at all.
I think with more moderators on board, the spam will likely be deleted there and then. Rather then the 4 admins getting 6 reports per spam message.

I’m sure 90% wouldn’t care if their posts were deleted as being spam.
I think it would be nice etiquette if a standard message was sent back saying this message was deleted as spam as you have a very low post count and are promoting a service or product.

Having more admins will also cause other problems as well. If you have been using forums for any length of time I’m sure you would have seen some clashes of egos. I like the current system because at the moment this seems to have been kept to a minimum.

It doesn’t worry me if some spam messages aren’t deleted for a small period of time. If this worries you too much I suggest you learn to relax more ;) – hopefully said in a nice way :)