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spottydog, post: 27098 wrote:
I would say marketing is the last step. You can’t “market” something that doesn’t exist.
Personally, I would just get it up and running. If you are working from home start up costs are low.
Once you have these in place, the rest can follow at your pace.

Hi Ian,

I think you are mixing up marketing with sales. Marketing doesn’t really have anything to do with selling anything. It’s is about positioning your product correctly.

Say you were a young male, look for a girl. Marketing is deciding where to go to pick up and what is required in that place to perform successfully. It is not the act of going out and actually picking up.

For example, a healthy young Christian lad would not do well in an industrial goth night club and he would either have to change his product (his hair do), or change his positioning (go to church instead)…..that is marketing…

The market will determine how the product is presented and made…and it has to be done first if you want to do well…

I would also agree you can’t sell anything that doesn’t exist…

spottydog, post: 27098 wrote:
Register a Business Name, get an ABN, and register a Domain Name. These 3 things cost very little in terms of both time and money, so if decide not to proceed you haven’t lost a great deal.

The act of setting them up without any thought doesn’t cost much up front….changing them 6 months down the track costs a FORTUNE….you’ve just thrown out 6 months work….~$25,000….so get your marketing done right first…it’s easier to change your product to fit the market than your whole business…