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gillian2009, post: 0 wrote:
Actually, starting a new business online is really a huge work but in time you’ll get huge money. Getting a huge money will mean that your business is on the right track.
how to start it, you need to check the market, look what products that are high demand but few who are marketing it. IT is better to start a business who have a few competitor because it is easier for you to get to the top. BE clever enough to use your money in doing a new online business.

Hi Gillian,

I don’t think anyone can guarentee “huge money” for any internet bsuiness (or any type of business), even if you spend a long time developing it. I believe there is always some form of luck involved. Good decisions and hard work just increase your chance of success.

Chosing a niche market is a good suggestion as it can help you success rate, but the total size of your business is limited to the size of the niche.