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I like it.
It’s very boutique and would definately appeal to the more discerning buyer.

The gallery style layout of your wallcoverings in non-instrusive like some.
Once clicked on your choice the page lights up and is descriptive with the essentials whilst giving the reader an insight of how it may look on their wall.

Simple navigation. +1

The about us/contact us is more than appropriate. Having been in the industry for many years, you soon appreciate wallcoverings are like artworks, you simply cannot go from shop to shop comapring prices as each shop/studio stock completely different designs/textures/material whether it be vinyls, silks, papers etc. If a private client or interior designer wants your wallcovering for their project they will find you.

In summary I think the site is welcoming and warm.
I think your papers gallery nails it and your product information is second to none.
Most of all, I love that it doesn’t have an once of hard-sell which I think is important in the eyes those looking to spend upwards of $1000 to decorate a room.

I will most certainly be recommending your company to my clients as another option.

Good luck with the new venture, I’m certain it will be a success.