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Hi Sandra

Love the site :) With my marketing hat on, I would suggest that the main part of your website – with the boxes of colour, print etc, to be utilised more. Maye take out one of the two images (either the main one on the right or the set on the left) and use this to promote things. For example, you are going to the Home Ideas Show – that is massive so create a promo on the home page for that – and then you can rotate the “promotion” or “featured client” on the home page every month.

All the best!


silkinteriors, post: 27001 wrote:
Hi everyone,

Looking for some constructive feedback on our wallpaper website, launched yesterday.

We have plans to add lots more wallpaper designs for sale, build up the content with new articles week-by-week and add instructional videos (e.g. how to hang wallpaper and how to remove wallpaper).

Keen to hear your thoughts as to what we could do to improve and enhance our website.

Specifically, I’d like some feedback on the online store side of things and our menu categories. Is it obvious we actually sell wallpaper through our website?