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Hi Sandra

My first thought is your site is like a mini Ikea catalogue – shopping how cool – where do I start.

However, chances are if you’re asking for feedback you’re thinking twice about your online presence. Believe me I have spent months fine-tuning my website and we all do. They tend to grow with you and you need to make room for those growth needs. Run with this one until you are ready to integrate all the changes and you get a stronger sense of what your online store / website is really all about.

When you are ready for an upgrade I highly recommend seeking out the services of a fabulous graphic designer or web developer with graphic capabilities, someone you love to work with or who knows you and your business strategy.

For improvements, I suggest opening up the white space and merging the background wallpaper into the white space as a faded element in the design. Also, the large font twitter word is out of place, stick with the icons.

Apart from that, well done on getting the site configured and uploaded to the standard it is. It’s colourful and you’ve spent a lot of time and work in setting up the shopping carts, images and content.

Good luck with Silk Interiors and the Home Ideas Show. Use it to gather feedback from customers about what they want when they visit your website or online store. Also sign up to Survey Monkey, set up your own research campaign, email it out to a few customers and get some feedback. Put a link to the survey on your site. If you need help getting the questions sorted there’s plenty of online resources and ideas out there. Or you can work with someone in the communication field who will help you structure a questionnaire to match your goals.

Hope this helps,

Tracey Baker @ TBC