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Hi Sandra,

nice job. For an out of the box website I think you’ve done very well. Some good style in there that looks nice.

Just quickly I agree if possible the main middle image should rotate. I recently did this on my site after getting similar feedback here.

Usually when looking at an online store one of the first things I look for is an ‘about us’ and ‘contact’ page to see how legitimate the site looks. I didn’t notice those links in your site until a couple of pages in. Generally I’ll look at the right hand tab, the bottom and below the heading. I fee they are to high up the top where they are and easy to miss.

Maybe add a name on the contact page beside the phone number. It’s nice to know who you are ringing and going to speak with.

Wallpaper looks great though, and good stuff with the sharing tabs for Facebook, myspace etc.

Good luck with the business.