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Hello Cakequeen

I really like your idea, and we have such a cafe/bakery in Sydney call Bourke St Bakery, great bread, pastries and cakes all made on the premises or at their larger premises. Google Bourke Street Bakery and you will see, they have
but woth reading a write up of them http://www.vodafone.com.au/business/businesssense/cultureandleadership/bourkestreetbakerythesweetsmellofsuccess/index.htm

With regards to a Business Plan I tend to say there is one you do for the bank to get the funding for your dream, and then after six month you do one for yourself. But at the same time do your research to see on a worse case can you afford to pay rent and loan repayments on say your current business income if you are way short then I would recommend speaking with a numbers oriented person to help you out.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe” Anatole France

That was my original business plan when I opened my business 12.5 years ago, I am still hear and going strong even though many said I was mad to give up a secure job and jump into a business with no clients, and limited savings. You say but your an accountant, the numbers are only a part of running a business, you learn the things as you go, I’m still learning.

All the best.

ps Add cupcakes to the menu and you will be blazing., run baking classes as well Australia is currently in Food Heaven mode they love all things food & coffee. Just make sure you get your pricing right on finished goods

With regards sales to other cafes, this does not need to end, what you need to do is package and market it to the right cafes. Does your range include Gluten Free and organic?