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The blog started as a way to widen the net, so to speak to increase my exposure to more businesses.

It started out as a “print and design” blog, but then i realised no one really cares about that sort of thing and I couldn’t compete with major design blogs.

So I teamed up with a host of small business owners / managers and collectively we wrote lots of article (You will find them under the authors section) and now it’s grown into a business blog.

Your right, I do find it therapeutic, it’s a good way to spend half an hour or so a day relaxing, doing something I enjoy + it also send a bit of traffic back to my main, money making site.

I also get rather competitive (with myself mainly) and think, ok well I had 200 unique visitors today, tomorrow I want to get 210. So it’s growing rather quickly which is quite an incentive.

By your own admission, design isn’t your strong point. So I take it the coding is more when your at?