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Ahh, ok that makes sense. A friend of mine in Sydney actually works with Small businesses setting them up on wordpress, removing all the “blog” like features and whazam, they have a website setup in 20 minutes.

Wordpress is also pretty good for small business because of the WYSIWYG editor… Have a look into Joomla as well, similar to wordpress but more suited for larger sites (free + open source as well).

Have you considered teaming up with a designer? I absolutely love design myself, but alas I don’t have the time that I used (Joys of running a business) So I work with a few designers while I focus on the money maker.

I still do all of my own design myself (website, flyers etc).

I was the same with you when I launched my site, I was so hurried to get up and get people through the door I had to go back and rebuild around 50% of it.

I don’t regret doing it this way, because I still get a lot of work through it. It just seems to be a constantly evolving project.