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Ali Dark
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Have you considered teaming up with a designer?

Actually the service I want to offer is a little different from the traditional web design – basically it will be integrating brands into pre-existing free themes. It’s easy and effective enough and a low cost solution. That’s the plan.

It suits me because I’m not in the position to spend much on, well, anything.

So I’m offering sites with just a $250 start up and an ongoing fee for hosting and blog coaching. As far as I can tell it’s a new model… but I’m not hugely familiar with the market to be honest.

It’s inspired by my friend who pays through the nose for her professionally designed website which looks like the worst free theme I ever saw.

I haven’t tried Joomla. Actually how I’ve set it up right now is that all my clients will run from a single installation of WordPress Multi User. They’ll all be on one database which is convenient for backup and getting in to make changes in their backends.